International Public Relations & Public Affairs Counsel

For more than two decades, executives of top national and international companies have relied on our no-nonsense brand of public relations and public affairs counsel, but we are so much more.

We go further with a deeper understanding of how the media, government and a diverse array of company stakeholders can affect a company’s lifeblood: its products, services and customer relationships. In essence, its brand.

We have assisted numerous company CEOs, boards of directors and company managers in realizing and effectively communicating some of their greatest successes. Most will tell you we are equally at our best when we have helped them navigate some of their greatest challenges.

In all cases, our client commitment is unparalleled and our client confidences honored. National caliber expertise and a commitment to providing value to our clients’ enterprises are right here and ready to serve.

What We Do
Our dedication to best practices is a given. Our ability to customize programs that seek a measurable business result specific to company’s business is what our clients appreciate most.

We are consultative and collaborative, never “cookie cutter.” We are a bit different from most firms with our focus on the substance of complex issues and the related business objective first, followed by customized and creative vehicles for message delivery. In all cases, the business results to be achieved drive our recommendations.

Our practice is built around the following core competencies:

We have been privileged to serve some of the best companies in the world today. We look forward to serving yours.

Assignments Through the Years